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Entry #1

I suck

2008-10-12 12:30:59 by ByterToss

I suck D:


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2008-11-03 13:37:25

Whoot backwards :D face.
You really do suck lol just messing :)
From your flash you don't :O
Its naughty to lie :P

ByterToss responds:

yeah i suck, so what? at least i tryed and FAILED xD


2008-11-07 20:47:16

I appreciate the offer. Oh, and are you a Byter when you suck or do you Toss salad?

(Okay, and the fav. Thanks ByterToss!)

ByterToss responds:

lol what offer? O: dont mess with mah nick or my cat is gonna kill you when your a sleep